Binatone HomeSurf 705

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Binatone HomeSurf 705

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We have collected and analysed 7 expert reviews from international sou...

Android from Binatone HomeSurf 705

  3.6 5
This is the smallest tablet I have reviewed and indeed it is running the earl...

HomeSurf 705 Android Tablet : Binatone HomeSurf Android 705

  3 5
While HP may have decided that tablets were not an area worthy of its experti...

Binatone HomeSurf 705 review

  1.5 5
An Android tablet for under £100. What could possibly go wrong?

Binatone Homesurf 705

  2 5
Sometimes having a bad tablet is worse than having no tablet at all. Enter th...

Binatone HomeSurf 705 Review by

  1.5 5
You miss out on one of the main benefits of the Android OS –

Binatone HomeSurf Tablet 705 review

  2 5
A limited budget means that the HomeSurf doesn't have many of the features yo...
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