Asus Zenwatch / WI500Q

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Asus Zenwatch / WI500Q

  4.5 5
We have collected and analysed 72 expert reviews and 219 user r...

ASUS Zenwatch 3 smartwatch review - the device that is as stylish as it is smart

  3.8 5
The biggest issue with some smartwatches is they don't actually look like a w...

Asus ZenWatch review

  3.5 5
Easy on the eyes and wallet, but can Asus's premier smartwatch cut it?

Review: Asus Zenwatch

  4 5
F rom deep involvement with the PC componentry space, to industry-changing pr...

Review: Asus ZenWatch (WI500Q)

  4.1 5
Everyone has a smartwatch, and Asus is no stranger, too, offering a slightly ...

Asus ZenWatch review

  3 5
Its tasteful design and thrifty price (for an Android Wear smartwatch) may tu...

Asus ZenWatch Review

  3.5 5
The ZenWatch is Asus's first venture into the smartwatch industry, and we wer...

Asus ZenWatch: An Android Wear smartwatch that achieves fashion zen [REVIEW]

Asus's ZenWatch is a nice looking smartwatch that fits well, and that alone h...

Asus ZenWatch review

  4 5
The Asus ZenWatch is the first smartwatch from the Taiwanese tech maker to ru...

Asus ZenWatch Review: In Depth

  4 5
We review Asus' first foray into smartwatch territory, the sexy (and very mas...

Asus ZenWatch

  3 5
One of the best-looking Android Wear watches, but not the smartest
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