Transformers: The Game- PSP

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Transformers: The Game- PSP

  3.3 5
We have collected and analysed 10 expert reviews and 14 user re...

Transformers The Game on PSP

  1.6 5
Less Than Meets The Eye

Transformers: The Game Review

  2.3 5
After playing the two console versions of Transformers, both of which were ne...

Transformers: The Game Sony PSP Review

  1 5
The controls, for the better lack of a word, SUCKS. Players have to look up a...

Transformers: The Game Review

  2.5 5
Little more then meets the eye with Activision and Traveller's Tales movie ad...

Transformers: The Game

  2 5
Megatron isn't nearly as bad as this

Transformers: The Game

  1.5 5
For a time, I considered sparing this wretched little PSP game. But now, you ...

Hot, Hot Bot-On-Bot Rock

The Transformers are coming to the big screen. And the small screen. And the ...

Transformers: The Game - Review

  2.8 5
Do you know why the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons has gone on f...
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