Tomb Raider: Anniversary- PSP

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary- PSP

  4.3 5
We have collected and analysed 13 expert reviews and 1 user rev...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary PSP Review

  4.5 5
Tomb Raider ain't all about the boobs. You know this, I know this, any gamer ...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

  4 5
Happy birthday, Lara

Tomb Raider Anniversary

  3.5 5
11 years later and Lara's prettier than ever.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

  4.4 5
It all began on PSone (and Sega Saturn and PC). Lara Croft has turned 10, and...

Tomb Raider Anniversary (PSP)

  3.5 5
Anniversary pairs the old with the new well, creating a good game with just e...

Back to the Beginning

  3.5 5
Lara's re-imagined origin goes portable and stays remarkably true to the cons...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Sony PSP Review

  4 5
Graphically, the game has survived the translation from the PS2 to the PSP qu...

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Review

  4 5
Lara Croft continues her thrilling comeback tour.
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