The Con- PSP

3.9 15
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The Con- PSP

  3.9 5
We have collected and analysed 15 expert reviews from international so...

The Con Review for PSP

The Con for PSP Review - Despite a rather shallow fighting engine, The Con is...

The Con - PSP

Nick Haywood has been in three fights... seeing as he has a face like a bulld...

The Con

  2.5 5
Don't bet everything on it

The Con

  3.4 5
Luckily, you can't get away with performing repetitive moves against actual h...

The Con

  0.9 5
I can't believe I was conned into playing this.

The Con review for the PSP

  2.1 5
Stop kidding yourself.

The Con

  3.5 5
The Con indeed did impress during E3, when we previewed it the game looked to...

The Con

  3.5 5
It's pretty apparent that Chuck Palahniuk's seminal piece of work Fight Club ...

The Con Sony PSP Review

  3 5
The game has a lot of fighting elements to it, but also involves a bit of str...

The Con

  3.5 5
Since the PSP's release in March of 2005, the platform has really been moving...
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