Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

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Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

  4.9 5
We have collected and analysed 16 expert reviews and 4299 user ...

Sony PS4 review: The entry-level PlayStation 4 with HDR thrills

  4 5
The standard PS4 is a cheap and cheerful games console capable of playing man...

Sony PS4 (Slim) review

  4 5
PlayStation 4 sheds some weight – and some notes off its price tag

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

  4.5 5
The slimmer, redesigned PlayStation 4 Slim has all of the features of the ori...

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim review

  5 5
Smaller, lighter, quieter, cheaper

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim review

  4.5 5
There are really only three things you need to know about the PlayStation 4 S...

PlayStation 4 Slim review: Wait for the PS4 Pro if you can

  4.3 5
In a vacuum, the PlayStation 4 Slim is a great console. It's smaller, quieter...

PS4 Slim review: Compact, beautiful and exactly what you’d expect

  4 5
Everything and nothing has changed in this welcome redesign of Sony's brillia...

See how much slimmer and lighter Sony's new PlayStation 4 is than the original (hands-on)

Sony is slimming down the PlayStation 4, following the company's usual modus ...

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim review

  5 5
Smaller, lighter, quieter, cheaper

PS4 Slim review: it’s the same gaming platform you're used to, and that’s no bad thing

  4 5
Quieter, cooler and thinner, the new PlayStation 4 plays it safe with surpris...
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