Philips BDP7300

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Review summary for the Philips BDP7300

  4.2 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 234 reviews from magazines and websites. R...

Philips BDP 7300

Excellent 24p movie picture., BD-Live., Very quiet, no fans., Analog 5.1 outp...

Philips BDP7300

  4 5
It's not lacking in features though - it's one of only two devices on test th...

Review Of Philips BDP7300 Digital Media Player

The new Philips BDP7300 looks absolutely stunning- a smooth, glossy panel wit...

Philips BDP7300 review

  4 5
Philips's first Blu-ray player lacks the crispness of the very best, but it's...

Philips BDP7300 Blu-ray player

  4 5
Philips hasn't really made an impact in the high-def player market so far but...

Philips BDP7300 review

  4 5
The Dutch giant comes back to Blu-ray with a bang

Philips BDP7300 Blu-ray Player

  4.5 5
The BDP7300 is the first Philips Blu-ray player we've reviewed and we're rath...

Review of Philips BDP 7300 blu ray player

  4 5
Good points: Stylish looks and very easy to use. Only 6cm tall so will fit in...
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