Philips BDP7200

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Review summary for the Philips BDP7200

  4 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 351 reviews from magazines and websites. P...

Philips BDP 7200

Excellent 24p movie picture., The player comes supplied with an HDMI cable., ...

Philips BDP7200 Blu-ray Player Reviewed

The $399 Philips BDP7200 is a Profile 1.1 player, which means it contains the...

Philips BDP7200 review

  4 5
When we saw how good the Blu-ray version of 'The Searchers' looked on Philips...

Philips BDP7200 review

The Philips BDP7200 Blu-ray player made its bow at this year's CES, and is se...

Philips BDP7200/37 Blu-ray Disc player

This model scored highly on our audio test.

Philips BDP7200/37 Blu-ray Disc Player

  4.2 5
BonusView Blu-ray player has great image and sound quality.

Philips Profile 1.1-compliant BDP7200 Blu-ray player reviewed

It's no shock that Profile 1.1 players have lost their luster with Profile 2....

Philips BDP7200 review: Philips BDP7200

  3 5
Editors' note June 9, 2008 : The rating of this player has been changed since...

Philips BDP7200

Preview of the Philips BDP7200.

Review: Philips BDP7200 Blu-ray Disc Player

In a subtle but refreshing departure from the look of your average disc playe...
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