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Review summary for the Ninja Reflex (Wii)

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alaTest has collected and analysed 44 reviews from magazines and websites. Pe...

Ninja Reflex Wii Review

  3 5
Ninja Reflex has the Wii remote acting as a sword, a nunchaku, shuriken and a...

The Overall Basics of Ninja Reflex From EA Games

This article reviews the overall basics of EA Games' Ninja Reflex for the Wii...

Ninja Reflex

  2 5

Ninja Reflex review for the WII

To wish for a seppuku mini-game.

Ninja Reflex (Wii) Review

  2 5
Unlike real ninjas, this games does not make me want to crap my pants

Ninja Reflex

  2 5
At £5 per mini-game you'd expect some pretty amazing Ninja action, with plent...

Ninja Reflex

  4 5
If you're old enough to remember the Karate Kid and that catching-flies with ...

Ninja Reflex

  2.9 5
Like the TV show Master Ninja, but without Lee Van Cleef... well maybe not

Ninja Reflex

  2 5
Is a video game that tests your reflexes redundant?

Ninja Reflex

Catch fish, become a ninja
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