MediEvil Resurrection- PSP

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MediEvil Resurrection- PSP

  4 5
We have collected and analysed 20 expert reviews and 29 user re...

MediEvil Resurrection - PSP review at Thunderbolt Games

  2.5 5
Have you ever not wanted to do something?

MediEvil Resurrection (PSP)

SYNOPSIS: Back when playing the original PlayStation represented the best in ...

MediEvil Resurrection

  4 5
Sometimes, a game invites you to relax and just have fun playing it. When you...

MediEvil Resurrection

  3.5 5
A platformer to die for? Sony dusts off an old-fashioned, bare bones platform...

MediEvil Resurrection Sony PSP Review

  3 5
The only snags are with the gameplay itself. While the controls work alright ...

MediEvil Resurrection

  2.5 5
A fun little action adventure game with a few annoying issues and some redeem...

MediEvil Resurrection Review

  3 5
The game is just how you remembered it for the PSX, which is good or bad..

MediEvil: Resurrection

In an attempt to revive an age-old franchise that first made an appearance ba...

MediEvil Resurrection

  3.1 5
As the PSP is far more powerful than a PS1, MediEvil Resurrection did get a n...

Medievil: Resurrection

  1 5
As far as console launches go, the PSP has one of the strongest software line...
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