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HTC Vive

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We have collected and analysed 127 expert reviews and 683 user ...

HTC Vive review

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HTC Vive maintains its lead in the VR war

HTC Vive Wireless Adaptor

The HTC Vive Wireless Adaptor lets Vive and Vive Pro owners use their headset...

HTC Vive review: An experience that’s out of this world

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HTC Vive needs to be set free from constraints to make best use of its raison...

HTC Vive review: Virtual-reality headset is now £100 cheaper

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Thinking about buying a HTC Vive ahead of the HTC Vive Pro? Here's what you n...

HTC Vive

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The HTC Vive is the cutting-edge of virtual-reality technology

Vive Wireless Adapter First Look

It looks like a huge improvement. Vive Wireless Adapter First Look.

I hope the future of VR isn't more plastic junk

I played VR soccer, ping-pong, and shot virtual ducks with the Vive Tracker a...

HTC VIVE Tracker Review with Gun, Straps, and Paddles

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The HTC VIVE Tracker is a new tool for the VR universe - an extra bit of zazz...

HTC reveals Vive Focus standalone VR headset (but cancels its Google Daydream-compatible headset)

HTC was one of the first companies that said it would build a standalone virt...

HTC Vive Focus VR headset announced | LetsGoDigital

The HTC Vive Focus is a standalone VR headset, operating without wires and wi...
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