Hexyz Force (PSP)

4.3 14
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Hexyz Force (PSP)

  4.3 5
We have collected and analysed 12 expert reviews and 2 user rev...

Hexyz Force on PSP

  4.1 5
Don't Say Average like it is a Bad Thing

Hexyz Force Review

  3.4 5
Save the world, take down an evil empire, explode something, go home!

Hexyz Force

  4 5
Hexyz Force does a lot of things right, but most of all it is designed with p...

Review: Hexyz Force (Sony PSP)

Both stories are also wildly different in tone, plot and characterization. Yo...

Hexyz Force (PSP) Review

  4 5
The Hour of Judgment is upon the world of Berge, but has Atlus delivered a ga...

Gamertell Review: Hexyz Force for PSP

  4.5 5
Sting is known for unusual and unorthodox RPGs. Dokapon Kingdom (PS2, Wii, DS...

Hexyz Force

  3.8 5
This role-playing adventure strikes an enjoyable balance between classic and ...

Hexyz Force

  1.5 5
Hexyz Force keeps things moving along at a brisk pace that is welcome on a po...

Hexyz Force Review

  2.5 5
More Fun to Say than to Play

Hexyz Force PlayStation Portable Review

  3.1 5
A standard jRPG with more than its fair share of problems.
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