Fate/Extra- PSP

4.3 9
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Fate/Extra- PSP

  4.3 5
We have collected and analysed 6 expert reviews and 3 user revi...


  3.5 5
The PSP, along with the DS, has sort of been a last haven for Japanese RPGs. ...

Fate/Extra Review

  3 5
Were it not for its great boss fights and fascinating story, repetitiveness a...

Review: Fate/Extra for PSP

  4.2 5
How real is virtual reality? If you can see, feel and touch it, does it still...

Review: Fate/Extra (PSP)

  3 5
Despite some fundamental flaws in its combat and a penchant for verbose prose...

Fate/Extra Playtest: An Exploration of Possibilities In An Unlikely Setting

Most of the cast in Fate/Extra is new. Other than Archer, all the Servants ar...
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