EA Sports Active (Wii)

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Review summary for the EA Sports Active (Wii)

  4.5 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 240 reviews from magazines and websites. P...

EA Sports Active 2.0 Review

  4.4 5
LetÂ's Get Physical. Again

EA Sports Active 2.0 First Look

The next fitness game from EA is coming for the Wii and PS3, and we've got a ...

EA Sports Active review

  4.5 5
EA Sports Active is a collection of keep fit games for the Nintendo Wii that ...

EA Sports Active

  4 5
In better shape than Wii Fit?

EA Sports Active

  4.5 5
Though a year or two late to the Wii fitness party, EA enters the fray with b...

EA SPORTS Active Review

  4 5
Time to feel the burn!

EA Sports Active (Wii) - Gameplanet Review

  4.3 5
We were well impressed with this one; it offers great value for money, with p...

EA Sports Active

  4.6 5
EA is trying to challenge us to think differently about fitness on the Wii wi...

EA Sports Active

  4 5
Even though EA Sports Active is primarily marketed towards women, you should ...

EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer Review

  4.4 5
The new reigning champion of videogame fitness.
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