Death Jr.: Root of Evil (Wii)

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Review summary for the Death Jr.: Root of Evil (Wii)

  4.1 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 35 reviews from magazines and websites. Re...

Death Jr. Root of Evil

  4.2 5
Death Jr. Root of Evil was a fun but flawed Playstation Portable title releas...

Death Jr.: Root Of Evil

  3.7 5
When a seemingly innocuous school science project to locate cocoons goes hide...

Death Junior 2 - Root of Evil

  2 5
Skeleton child in bare-bones action-platformer shocker!

Death Jr: The Root of all Evil

  2 5
Review: You'll wish you were dead

Death Jr.: Root of Evil

  4.5 5
For a warmed-over PSP port, this great little platformer has got style to spare.

Nintendo Wii - Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil Preview

Fantastic Four: Rise ..

Death Jr: Root Of Evil (Wii)

  3.8 5
Death Jr. Started life on the PSP before being upgraded to the Wii with a few...

Death Jr.: Root of Evil

  2.5 5
Backbone Entertainment brings its 2006 PSP title back to life in this Wii ver...
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