Conduit 2- Wii

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Review summary for the Conduit 2- Wii

  4.6 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 51 reviews from magazines and websites. Pe...

Conduit 2 on Revolution

  3.3 5
Though the Wii is certainly a good console in many respects, it isn't exactly...

Conduit 2

  4.2 5
Back in 2009, a small independent studio called High Voltage Software decided...

Conduit 2

  3.5 5
The team at High Voltage software are pushing the limits of the Wii with Cond...

Conduit 2 Wii Review

  3.8 5
Conduit 2 is the sequel to The Conduit, a hugely successful title on the Wii....

Conduit 2 (Wii) Review

Needing a reason to blow that dust off your Wii? Well, look no further, the f...

Conduit 2 review

  3 5
Why are we posting a review to a game that came out over 2 weeks ago? Well, w...

Conduit 2 Wii Review

  3 5
Many lived in hope that Wii's The Conduit would be a real contender to rival ...

Conduit 2 ? Review

  4 5
Conduit 2 was recently released on the Wii and it picks up right where the or...

Conduit 2 Review

  2.7 5
Change for the worse.

Conduit 2

  3.5 5
When you ponder the Wii line-up, you probably imagine bold, bright and joyful...
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