Canon HV20

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Review summary for the Canon HV20

  4.4 5
alaTest has collected and analysed 671 reviews from magazines and websites. C...

Canon HV20 Camcorder Review

  3 5
Combining advanced optical technologies and innovative features with ease-of-...

The HV20: Great for Amateurs, Not so Great for Professionals

  4 5
The Canon HV20 replaces the HV10 and improves on many of the issues that the ...

Canon Vixia HV20

  4 5
In conclusion, the Canon Vixia HV20 provides HD quality in a user friendly pa...

Canon HV20

Preview of the Canon HV20.

Canon HV 20

If you're looking to shoot high-def videos for your big flat panel TV, Canon'...

Canon HV20 Review

  4.5 5
From high definition DVD's to next-gen game consoles, high-definition has bec...

Canon HV20

  5 5
The unstoppable popularity of high definition has ushered in of a wave of aff...

Canon HV20

  4 5
Canon grabs the crown for the most fully featured HDV camcorder for under $1500

Canon HV20 HDV Camcorder Review

The Mini Canon

Canon HV20 HDV Camcorder

  3.5 5
If you don't mind dealing with miniDV tape, the Canon HV20 is a fine choice. ...
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