Buzz! Master Quiz (PSP)

4.4 59
Experts (32)
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Buzz! Master Quiz (PSP)

  4.4 5
We have collected and analysed 32 expert reviews and 27 user re...

Buzz! Master Quiz Review

  4.3 5
Sony's line-up of party games is no doubt stellar. Featuring the likes of Sin...

Buzz! Master Quiz

  4 5
Trying to bring the "game night" hit Buzz to a handheld console seems absurd....

Pocket-Sized Buzzing

  3.5 5
Buzz! has finally come to the PSP. Wanna see what we thought?

Buzz! Master Quiz

  3.4 5
Buzz! finally arrives on the PSP, and does a solid job of bringing trivia to ...

PSP Review – BUZZ! Master Quiz

  4 5
BUZZ! Master Quiz is the series first appearance on the PSP. BUZZ! veterans w...

Buzz: Master Quiz

Carl takes the Buzz quiz game for a portable spin, but is it as annoying as t...

Buzz! Master Quiz

  1.7 5
As sat there unwrapping Buzz! Master Quiz I only had one thought: How are the...

Buzz! Master Quiz

  3.4 5
Portable Party?

Buzz! Master Quiz Sony PSP Review

  2 5
There are two ways to play Buzz! Master Quiz, either by yourself or with mult...

BUZZ! Master Quiz Review

  3.8 5
Challenging and loads of fun, Buzz! Master Quiz is the perfect road trip comp...
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